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Pediatric Integrative & Functional Medicine


Meet Our Practitioners

Neuronutrition Associates is committed to helping heal children and prevent disease by focusing on the whole child instead of just the symptoms. We will listen, guide, and assist the parents and patient throughout this process. The path to healing can take time, and we will be here to support the challenges and improvements of each child along their healing journey. We address the root cause of symptoms and treat organically in order to fully restore children to their most healthy being. Our approach includes creating an environment of caring and compassion involving both parents and the child in the treatment plan, and using evidenced-based practice to promote individual health and wellness.

    During my doctoral education at Johns Hopkins University, my research was focused on how mainstream clinicians could integrate natural medicine into their patient care. I discovered there is compelling peer-reviewed evidence that supports integrating natural therapies into clinical care. As medical providers, we should be using the best treatment choice for our patients, regardless if it is considered mainstream or alternative.

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      A family member was diagnosed with Celiac disease 10 years ago, and when I started having similar symptoms, I began researching the effects that diet and digestion have on our health. As a nurse practitioner, I have always wanted to help others, and now I want to raise awareness of the gut-brain connection and how it relates to good health.

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      What is the IFM?

      The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) is the most elite internationally recognized organization specializing in functional medicine. World leaders in medical sciences such as gastroenterology, immunology, internal medicine, and nutrition lead the institute. Dr. Gutierrez and Jana are both undergoing the rigorous certification process and are scheduled for completion in 2016.

      What is a MAPS practitioner?

      The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) organization’s mission is to prepare medical professionals to deliver the best possible care to children with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs conditions. MAPS professionals are trained in the rapidly increasing scientific evidence that supports the medical treatment of autism spectrum related medical disorders through systematic, in-depth course of study, in order to have the greatest impact on this medically complex pediatric population.