Pediatric Integrative & Functional Medicine

What to Expect

What To Expect At Your Visit
Taking a functional medicine approach to your child’s health

You may have a previous symptoms or diagnosis or simply want to be proactive in optimizing your child’s health. Choosing a path towards a functional medicine consult at Neuronutrition Associates ensures that the focus will be on either finding the root cause of your child’s diagnosis or focusing on comprehensive primary prevention of disease.

Step One: Patient and Family Medical History

After making your appointment, the first step is to fill out the intake forms. We take a biomedical approach of evaluating all health systems ranging from a patient’s medical history from birth, diet, environment (and toxicity load), physiology, pathophysiology, use of medications or supplements, and family/social history. We will review this information prior to your appointment so that we can get the most benefit out of the initial appointment. If you had lab work done in the previous 12 months, we also ask that you gather those for our review.

Step Two: Initial Consultation


During the initial consult with you and your child, we spend one hour thoroughly discussing your child’s history and symptoms, your concerns as the parent, and individualize a targeted approach to treatment. We typically suggest immediate changes with dietary supplements, lifestyle modifications, and/or diet changes. At this visit we may also suggest functional medicine labs to evaluate a targeted concern, such as your child’s gut, genetics, nutritional status, or toxic load. While functional medicine labs are not mandatory for treatment, they do assist us in gathering helpful data that we otherwise will not have. We typically suggest one lab at a time, as we use a systematic approach to investigating the systems of the body that could be causing your child trouble. For example, if a patient has troublesome gut issues, we may suggest a stool study to help us understand this at a more individualized level.

Step Three: Analysis Review


We like to see our patients 4-6 weeks after their initial visit. At this time we will discuss any lab work that was completed, recommend a customized plan of care, and plan for how to continue our therapy together. The number of visits depends on the child, his/her diagnosis, and the need for further assessments. Most patients will have an average of 2-3 visits for their initial treatment plan. We also work with therapists and other medical specialists, and can make referrals to those therapies as it is appropriate for the child.

Step Four: Managed Recovery

After your child has reached their wellness balance we recommend annual visits to support the changes all children experience as they grow into adulthood. At our annual visits we will make any necessary adjustments to your child’s wellness program.

Patient Resources

Helping Children Swallow Pills – Sometimes it can be difficult for children to swallow pills. This video gives some helpful tips to make things easier for your child.


For some patients, we work with two organizations that provide resources for autism treatment to families in financial need. Please check out the links below for more information.
Generation Rescue
Generation Rescue

TACA Scholarships
TACA Scholarships