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Low Dose Immunotherapy

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) is a novel immunotherapy intended to help the immune system reestablish balance in those with chronic inflammatory autoimmunity. LDI is used successfully among integrative and functional practitioners but not widely accepted in allopathic medicine (similar to the acceptance of homeopathic medicine). LDI blends the principles of sublingual allergy immunotherapy and homeopathy. LDI is intended to promote immune tolerance to various antigens in order to stop inappropriate and unnecessary immune reactivity against those antigens/immune triggers. Healthy immune systems are not over active, or under active, and often in the case of autoimmunity (especially with autoimmune encephalitis) the immune system has lost its ability to find that regulatory balance. The human body harbors around ten trillion “germs” in total, from thousands of varieties. We are intended to live in a state of balance and appropriate immune tolerance/defense toward those organisms. When the tolerance aspect fails, a chronic inflammatory condition results. The key with LDI is to reestablish normal immunological harmony with environmental allergens, foods, chemicals, or possibly germs within your body’s ecosystem and all its trillions of microbes, so that the inflammation will calm down or stop entirely (stopping entirely is the goal, which can be achievable with LDI).

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